Our Story

The Bright Gems Initiative is the charity arm of DNS Jewelry LLC. In recent years, we began to shift our focus towards philanthropy. We soon discovered that the seemingly simple task of starting a non-profit is in fact rather daunting. After many late nights of research and paying for consultations with lawyers who specialized in non-profits, we collectively decided that the many requirements and on-going regulations involved with starting and running a 501c non-profit was just not the right fit for a small company with limited resources. Thus, the project was placed on the “back burner”.

Then one day, while re-visiting the idea of starting a non-profit, we came across an article about the newly created Chan Zuckerberg initiative. In a surprising move, the Facebook founder started their non-profit organization as an LLC, which is an entity usually utilized by for-profit endeavors. They chose that route in order to have more flexibility with how they can operate their charity. That was our light bulb moment. Though we would lose some benefits of a traditional non-profit, such as the tax write-off component for donations, it was still the easiest route to take. We decided that the simplest way for us to effect the most change in the world was to simply donate jewelry from our primary business and create auctions where all of the proceeds go towards charity.

Unlike most non-profits that stick to core practices and perform the work in-house, we partner with various charities with existing infrastructure in order to get more results out of every dollar. We prefer to partner with lesser known charities because most of the larger, well-known non-profits already have sufficient funding and name recognition. Our auctions will usually mention specifically what the proceeds will go towards. The majority of our work involve efforts to provide children in need with more opportunities. We believe in laying a solid foundation for future generations.

Our Future

Our founders are full time stay at home parents and business owners, so things get a little hectic to say the least. But in due time, and a lot of coffee, Bright Gems will become it’s own standalone jewelry brand. We are currently brainstorming designs for signature pieces that will be made out of environmentally friendly created gemstones and reclaimed metals whenever possible. We will utilize our marketing know-how and put in countless hours of work in order to reach hundreds of thousands of potential buyers via social media. Finally, we plan to leverage our existing connections to get the Bright Gems collection into retail stores who believe in our mission.

With 100% of the proceeds raised from jewelry sales, we aim to break ground on a “Bright Gems Academy” building once a year in parts of the world where children have no access to a decent education. With your support, this vision can become a reality.

Thank you for reading about us and our mission.